Sunday Sips | It's a thing.

Sundays are my day.

I try not to make plans, or if I do I limit them to the morning. Sunday is the time for me, whatever I decide to do. Catch up on laundry, work on a project, Netflix it up, whatever... no commitments. 

Today, I had to go into my bottle shop to grab a local beer to do a little write up on. And about half way through I thought, this has been really fun! Get out of the house a little, talk to some people (or not), enjoy a beer (or two), and then get back to whatever I was doing.

Sunday's at Imperiale, it is encouraged to bring in your own records to play. I thought it would be fun to highlight a different beer & record once a week (maybe, like i said, no commitments). And for lack of a better title, Sunday Sips will now be a thing.

If you have any beers you want to hear about that are local to california, let me know! I'll try and seek them out :)

cheers & love,


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