DIY Beer Can Planter

Does anyone else have a stock pile of cans? Empty cans. That they saved, not knowing what quite to do with them yet?

Duh. Of course you do. A lot of us do. So let’s finally put them to use, ya?

So there are a few ways you can take the top of the can off.

  1. Can opener
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Knife & Sanding


1.) Can opener- So I tried this, my can opener kept leaving little puncture marks along the side which I did not like. BUT I know this method has worked for others. So test your can opener out!

2.) Sandpaper – this is the method I used. In all honesty, it’s prob not the most efficient, BUT you get a super clean top out of it. I prefer this method.

3.) Knife & Sanding – Some people cut out the top, with a pocket knife and sand it down…I do not trust myself to safely do this method LOL


Onto the tutorial!


What you’ll need:

-Beer can

-Sandpaper (120 grit)

-Pick tool or something to poke a couple holes

-Soil (a loose soil that drains freely, I picked up cactus & succulent potting soil from Orchard)

-Succulents (mini, 2” fit perfect)



-Remove can tab

-Grab your piece of sandpaper, and put it down on a hard surface.

-Start sanding in a back and forth, or in a circular motion

-After a minute of sanding, check the top. Can you pull it off yet? Do you see the seam of the can? Continue this process until you can pop the top off.

-Poke a few holes in the bottom of the can for drainage

-Add a few rocks to the bottom 

-Fill can with soil specific to your plant

-Plant it!


Such a cute and easy way to display your fav can art & recycle!


Post pictures of your planters in the comments, or post & tag me on Instagram! (@hopheart) I’d love to see everyone’s projects 😊 There's also a little boomerang tutorial for quick reminder on how to do this!


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