Who's That Girrrrrrrrl...

If you don’t follow Hop Heart on social media (you totes should btw) you’ve seen a lot about Girl Beer Doc & and the project! Need to catch up?

Read more about it here!

But who has taken on this giant project to shine light on our experiences as womxn in the beer industry? 

Meet the team!

Marena Domingo-Young - Creator

Meet Marena, creator of Girl Beer! Long time creative and veteran service industry grunt, Marena ventures into the waters of documentary film making on her maiden voyage with GIRL BEER. With this project she hopes to synthesize her history in film making to rally the womxn of the craft beer industry together and bring visibility to some of its biggest female movers and shakers. What was the beer that started it all for her? Lost Coast Brewery’s Great White #rideordiebaby


Courtney Rosenthal - Producer

Meet Courtney, producer of Girl Beer! Courtney began her academic career studying computer science, but once she met film she dumped programming and never looked back. A Slamdance Film Festival veteran and stellar craft beer tender, Courtney is excited to bring her love of film and beer together on her latest project, Girl Beer. What’s her desert island beer? Bells Brewery Two Hearted #demcentennialhopstho


Kimberly Bowden - Cinematographer

Meet Kim, their cinematographer! Kim comes from a family of creatives. She picked up a camera when she was 14 and hasn’t stopped photographing since. She is passionate about creating social change through her work as a filmmaker, and hopes that GIRL BEER will help level the playing field. Brewery that changed the game for her? Cigar City Brewing, Jai-Lia is her all-time favorite beer.


Ashley Bales - Social Media Manager

Meet Ashley, the social media manager of GIRL BEER. Craft beer server turned social media professional, she hopes to bring visibility to this project and the womxn involved. You may also recognize her from her role as “man” in the teaser trailer!


Victoria- Editor

Meet Victoria, their editor! Born and raised in LA, she works in post production focusing on creating and delivering content for social platforms. On her spare time she visits breweries and explores the city. She’s excited to wrap up the edit and show the work “ALL BEER IS GIRL BEER”!


These gals have been working non-stop to get this piece together. You can follow them on Instagram (@GirlBeerDoc) to see progress, trailers, and get updates first hand!

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