What is a Girl Beer Doc?

Oh hello there! I see my super intriguing post title drew you in. You clicked, were here, this is happening now. So...what the hell is Girl Beer Doc?

Well, let’s ease into this. They are a team of womxn involved in the craft beer industry & film industry looking to use their resources to address a common, yet infuriating trope that persists throughout the beer world: the mythical “Girl Beer” endowed with powers to emasculate and effeminate any incautious imbiber.

If you’re a womxn in the industry, you may have experienced this. Here’s some real examples:

  • “I’ll have HIS favorite” (pointing to her male counter part behind the bar)
  • ”It’s pink?! I don’t want a girly beer.” *face of disgust*
  • "How'd a little lady like you learn so much about beer?" 
  • "You don't even drink beer!" *after she spent 10 minutes describing beers on
  • the menu, and she does & loves beer*
  • "Can you ask the bartender for a recommendation?" (she was the bartender)
  • "This must be for her!" (it wasn't, it was his)

And of course, just the hysterical laughter after a beer in a stemmed glass hits the table.

With the help of womxn in the LA craft beer community they hope to put to rest the absurd ideas that there are certain beers that womxn specifically should drink, and that womxn don’t know anything about beer. Our existence, working in the beer industry, speaks to these myths and are passed down from a very long tradition of womxn brewing and selling beer.

The narrative of the film aims to discuss history of women’s involvement within the beer world and individual womxn’s experiences working in beer. Through these stories we can remind people that, not only, have we actually been in beer this whole time, but we are ingrained in every step of the process.


Currently they are working on producing the Los Angeles unit of what aims to be a much larger documentary feature. By the end of filming they hope to have a 25 minute featurette highlighting all the awesome things about Womxn & Beer and in the local LA beer community. Following it’s wrap they will be seeking funding to expand their footage to include other women in the craft beer industry from all around the globe!

The documentary format allows them a wide range of creative license to tell this story. Coverage will include interviews, re-creation vignettes, and coverage of the local beer scene.


Well be diving into this project and the womxn behind it more deeply over the next few weeks! Follow along on Instagram (@HopHeart & @GirlBeerDoc) to get a peek at more behinds the scenes pics and info!

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