SFBW | How to do the Opening Gala

San Francisco Beer Week (SFBW) is a collection of curated evens spanning multiple days that celebrate craft beer and the craft beer community across the SF Bay Area!

Every year they kick off this beer bliss extravaganza with the Opening Gala in SF at Pier 35 off The Embarcadero. This is a ticketed event an you can purchase tickets through hereAttendees get a commemorative branded glass for unlimited samples throughout the event.


  • Honestly, I found carrying around a purse to be incredibly annoying. Fanny Packs are trendy now, just sayin.  They discourage backpacks, but a after a quick search by the security guard, my mini backpack was clear to go in, small cross body would be great, anything hands free really.
  • Bring an empty bottle to fill with water. Has to be empty before entering. ACTUALLY DRINK THE DAMN WATER.
  • Eat something before you go! For fucks sake, do not drink (or in a lot of newb cases, pound beers) for 4 hours with out eating first.
  • Are you not regularly in SF? There's a lot of cool accessible spots that will be open after for food & beer!

Here's a few small things people might miss:

  • 21+ only (IDs are checked), no pets (I know I know, you'll have to leave the pooch at home for this one)
  • No outside food or drink -they do normally have a variety of food trucks for you to purchase food, and they state they will be providing water for attendees (in the past, we have been able to bring EMPTY Hyrdoflasks, or other reusable water bottles to fill once were inside)
  • No DD tickets -per their website, non-alcholic tickets opions are always subject to significant abuse, and at an event htis size it is impossible to police these options

Other Info:

  • Due to no DD tickets, look alternative transpiration options (ie: BART, Trolly, Uber, Lift, etc)
  • Event is on rain or shine! - honestly, most of it is inside so that is a non-issue during the event. We enjoyed a light mist last time, and had a blast checkin out the seals play.

Its set up in the giant wing on the water, its loud, crowded, and fun. There is usually good food trucks, decent bathrooms, and lots of local beer options. Don't forget to take the classic SFBW pic in front of their marquee sign :)


The Gala is definitely something that you should experience at least once. It's all local breweries that are apart of the Brewer's Guild and its fun to see all the familiar faces in the industry. That being said, its always local breweries (duh) for me, attending once was perfect. 

To check out the list of events, you can go here to start mapping out your week. 


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