GALentine's Day Craft Cocktails + {NEW} Product!

With Christmas decor all [mostly] tucked away, Valentine's Day rears its ugly head all over most stores earlier and earlier every year it seems. Whether you're a bonded pair or riding solo this year, we totally got you covered in this blog post!
For those of us who celebrate February 13th with a bestie rather than a significant other, this is a super exciting time of the year because you get to have the most wild and ridiculous night celebrating GALENTINE'S DAY!!
So, grab your best craft loving girlfriend [or the ones you have to force to try some good brews with you... c'mon, we all have those friends], hit the grocery store and have a shit ton of fun experimenting with some CRAFT-cocktails. Yes, craft-beer cocktails. It's totally a thing, it's becoming more and more popular and it's fucking delicious. We will start simple and ease you into it! Here's a Hop Heart favorite to pair with some freshly baked (or bought) red velvet cookies... maybe as you eat your emotions away and/or watch Mean Girls on repeat all night long.... totally your call.. no judgement here!


Black Velvet - photo via William Dickey |


1/2 glass of your choice stout-- try Southern Tier's Choklat
1/2 glass champagne


How To Make It:
Fill 1/2 a collins glass with a stout and gently top with champagne.


Ta-da! That was simple [yet amazeballs] and we will be bringing tons of other yummy craft cocktails to you in some future posts, too.

So now that you have a night of cocktail-mixing planned out with your bestie... a gift, of course, is necessary! If you and your bestie swap gifts in honor of Saint Valentine [or something] then obviously our brand new [BFF] Bracelet Set is a no-brainer for the occasion!


Our BFF [Beer Friend Forever] bracelets come in two-packs; one for you and one for your BFF. Choose from ten bright and fun colors! Order your set today.... and Hoppy Galentine's Day! CHEERS.

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