Oh Haaay!

Hey chicks!

I thought I'd introduce myself a little further! I'm Jess(ica)* for some reason, introducing myself over the inter webs (if not on social media where you can see my face) people assume I'm a dude…which I am not HA!

I'm just a craft lovin gal who couldn't find the goods she was looking for, so she started creating them! I'm from Northern California- in the Bay Area- more specifically East Bay, and I feel like if I elaborate more on this sentence it'll probably start to sound like an online dating profile, so I'm just going to stop right here.

Aside for my love of craft beer and home brewing, I'm an avid scrapbooker & paper crafter. Yes, I'm kind of a nerd. You can find my in my craft room, scrapbooking or designing, while listening to The B Foundation or Mad Caddies. Okay…ya this still sounds like a dating profile...

I'm also currently in the process of opening a taproom with my partner, B! Life is a little chaotic right now, between my "real job", HopHeart, and having just started construction on the taproom (we're hoping to open by the new year!) *fingers crossed*

Anyway, excited to post more! I have a few projects already in store to share! Cheers!

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